Flight 2047 started off as a project for an advertising class, but collective passion ended up growing it into a much more complete campaign than me or my teammates could have ever hoped for. In a week Joseph McRobert, Devyn Holbrook, and I produced a set of mock-ups and materials that drew widespread praise from classmates, professors, and professionals alike. This is Flight 2047.

Read our brief, browse our deck, and watch our video below. 

The Brief

The Deck

The Video

Note on division of labor:

While all team members had a hand in creating everything for this campaign, each of us had large portions of content to create ourselves for the final project. What follows is a list of my responsibilities and contributions to Flight 2047:

  • Created name and logo
  • Wrote initial manifesto
  • Filmed and edited the video (collaborated with Joseph McRobert on script)
  • Refined strategy